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" We had I Search By City, LLC design us a web site and it has really improved our sales. We had other companies design a web site that just wasn't doing a thing for us. Then we tried I Search By City and what a difference it has made us. We get a lot of compliments on how our web site looks. I would highly recommend I Search by City. You can trust and depend on them.

Bill Johnson,
Corona Coatings Corp.

" I've known Mark Tayne for 25 years, through a business relationship, from his former ATT days. He has always been one who looks out for his customers best interest. He has shown a caring approach through the years to give unmatched customer service and client care for every advertising product he has offered. Mark through isbc, offers a great service for those looking to grow their business.

J.P., Businessman

" Mark had the patience to walk me through something I knew nothing about. He was the only one who listened to me. iSearch By City helped my business, and guided me well.

Charlene / Owner of
Marble Works of San Diego

" Mark has done my website and SEO for one year and my business has increased 30%. He really cares about his customers, and he works very hard to give the best service possible. I've never seen anyone work so hard. He is always updating, and calling me to check up on things. I could not be happier with the work he has done for me, and I would recommend him to anyone. I have been in business for 25 years, and this is the best thing I have ever done. I was was with AT&T for many years, he is charging me 75% less than what AT&T charged me, and is doing a much better job. I am so so grateful, Mark is so amazing. I can't even put it to words. Mark is the best.

Randy Collins / Owner of
Collin's Muffler

" iSearch By City has done wonders for our companies website. We now know the tools that are needed in order to make a businesses website beyond successful, and have ISearch By City to thank entirely for that.

Thank you,
Vincent Cappello,
Cappello Janitorial Supplies

" Partnering with I Search By City has been most positive. The development process was smooth and painless. They provided me with excellent ideas and created a well thought-out site that has already received favorable comments from several of my customers.

The relationship continues with nearly daily updates with gallery pictures and text along with any changes that this dynamic process requires. They are most accomodating and although my site is fairly young, I believe I am seeing increased traffic as a result of their attentive management and frequent recommendations.

I whole-heartedly recommend you give this company serious consideration with your web-site requirements. You will be glad you did.

Blaine Hall
Guardian Pool Fence Systems
CA Central Valley)

" I want to thank you for your help with our web site design and optimization. Since becoming a customer with, we have seen significant results. Not only have our sales leads increased, but the quality of leads have also improved. I would highly recommend; especially to small companies looking to advance their presence online. No other online marketing company that we have tried over the last 12 years has produced results so quickly. We really appreciate your hard work and integrity and look forward to many years of business together.

Thanks again!!
Lisa Surdam, C.O.O.,
Sunmaster Products, Inc.

" I Search By City has made such a positive impact on my business, it is unbelievable. I have always advertised with and have to pay enormous advertising bills with little response. Since joining up with Mark and associates, my call volume has increased by 40% and of course with that being said, I've increased the number of employees and added vehicles to our fleet. I just want to thank everyone at I Search by City for all their hard work, honesty and most of all, the ease of my current and future advertising needs.

Best Regards,
Nancy J Cooper, President,
Pacifica Glass Co., Inc.

" Thank you for working on and guiding us through the process of developing our website. You are a man of your word and we really appreciate your honesty and integrity. Having been through the process before, with others, we were hesitant and reluctant to listen to anyone.

You have exceeded our expectations!

Thank you,
Bill Nacca,
Fireplace & Patio Trends

" I want to thank this organization and Mark in particular for the great job in marketing and advertising this firm has done for Crank Bros. Deck Co.. You have given our website a new an improved professional "finish," to start! Our website and internet business has grown exponentially since our commencement with "I Search." It has more than tripled in 17 months (from 22 to 70 actual projects completed).

Not only have you been a wonderful consultant in this area but instrumental in helping with other advertising issues that go beyond the immediate business at hand. Your consultation has been invaluable and your team has gone above and beyond their normal business duties.

Mark again, thank you for everything. I know you will "keep up the good work" to build my business and give us the professional edge necessary to succeed.

Thank you Mark and Rich, for continuing to check in with us and keep tabs on our advertising needs. I look forward to a long and prosperous business relationship.

Rita Crank,
Crank Bros. Deck Co. INC.

" Thank you for the superb work that you have done in developing the website for my ophthalmology practice! You have improved my Google presence on the internet from being almost non-existent to the point where my Yellow Page presence is almost superfluous. I am very proud of the work that you have done. It has brought my practice into the 21st century and helped me to save on my advertising budget at the same time. My website has only been up a few weeks and many patients are already making appointments from the website. I am so pleased to see how you and your team of professionals continue to work to better position my website. It is amazing how your subtle alteration of website content adds to my visibility as you continue to come up with better ways to advertise my presence. Thanks for your communication skills, your attention to detail and for continuing to work on improvements despite the website being up and running.

I wish you much success in your business and will be referring my friends for your help.

Gary S. Reiter, M.D.

" Our experience with ISearchbyCity was excellent. Our website turned out great, and we received calls almost immediately, calls that we could track. Mark Tayne was very helpful in developing and implementing the website, and he was responsive to our suggestions and questions as we worked on an advertising plan. We highly recommend this business and would be happy to talk to potential clients.

Tony's Locksmith & Safe Service

" I just wanted to send you some feedback to the let you know how happy we've been with the service and resulting product (internet search, ad placement and redesigned website) we received from you. We have experienced an unprecedented amount of increased call volume since the product went live two weeks ago. Never before have we experienced such results with any other ad product or service that we've purchased in the past.

The best part is the calls we're receiving are real jobs for our targeted niche - electrical signs - not just research inquiries. There is no doubt in my mind that the work your team has done to ensure premium ad placement along with refreshed look of our website are paying immediate dividends on our investment. Thanks again and please pass this note on to your team.

Mark Kuwahara,
Pacific Sign Center

" Recently while updating and enhancing our website, The Paper Depot had the pleasure of meeting and working with Mark Tayne from As our specialties lie in the Secured Shredding and Paper Recycling fields, we came to rely a great deal on the expertise of Mark and his company. During this time we found Mark to be committed to providing a superior and quality minded service geared to make The Paper Depot stand out from its competition for those who view the websites pertaining to our industry. Mark displayed professionalism while interacting with our staff, asking questions while providing valuable input into our project and taking the time to ensure our final project was of the highest quality. Being conscious of the dynamics of our industry, Mark ensured that the project was started on time, caused limited interference and was completed in a timely manner.

The Paper Depot would not hesitate to use Mark Tayne and his company again and would readily recommend him and his company to anyone seeking assistance in the making or enhancing of a professional website.

Larry D. Silvia, Sales Manager,
The Paper Depot

" I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the results we have achieved with iSearch by City. Since the very beginning of our association, Mark and his staff have been very proactive in both creating a fabulous website and marketing our online presence. They have been both responsive and professional with all our questions and requests. We had our new website up and running in a very short time and saw results very quickly!

I would highly recommend iSearch by City to anyone looking to make their online presence more professional and most importantly, more VISIBLE! Keep up the good work!

Thanks again!!
Julie Stephenson,
Alicia Air Conditioning & Heating

"As the owner of Paradise Drinking Waters, I would like to thank you for the fine work you and your company are doing. I am very pleased that we chose to try iSearch by City as a intrinsic part of our web advertising campaign.

The immediate results were extremely impressive and we felt great relief to see that we made a good choice to try something new. Your help and guidance along the way was greatly appreciated also. The monthly reports are very useful also.

Your team that continues to work for our ongoing high placement is also very much appreciated and as we have seen, very necessary since the algorithms of the major search engines is definitely a moving target. It is also nice to know that you are always just a phone call away.

Thank you again,
Steve Behm, Owner,
Paradise Drinking Water

"My name is Bob Verdin, owner of Patio Place, Inc, a retail furniture business with two stores operating in Orange County, California. I am writing this testimonial in appreciation of the professional and highly effective work Mark Tayne has performed for my business.

Prior to having Mark Tayne design and manage our website, we gleaned very little benefit from the internet search engines, yet were paying another service provider an exorbitant fee. We expected results but were stagnating. However, since Mark has taken control of our internet marketing and advertising needs, we are receiving an average of 1200 hits a month; our company is prominently featured on Google, due to Mark's technical expertise; and our ratio of marketing and advertising expenditures are down while "net" related revenues are increasing exponentially.

I highly recommend Mark Tayne to any company that wants to optimize opportunities for revenue enhancement. His skills, which include technical knowledge and attention to detail, are not often found these days in the fast paced environment of competitive enterprise.

Should you need further information about Mark's contribution to our company's success please feel free to contact me at:, or call me direct at: 714-569-9242

Bob Verdin, owner of
Patio Place, Inc.

" I would highly recommend iSearch By City to any business looking to increase their web exposure. This has been the best marketing program I've had in years and I couldn't be happier with the results. Through their proactive approach we now consistently rank on the first page of Google and other major search engines for all keywords relating to commercial and residential heating/air conditioning repair, maintenance, and installation. Within 4 months, my company has gone from having no website to having the best internet presence of any heating/air conditioning business in Orange County. iSearch By City has elevated my company's profile and helped us outrank the competition.

I pay a lower price for actual service and sales calls than the major yellow page publisher was charging for just clicks. Their generic pay-per-click program did not bring the results or the professional, personal touch of iSearch By City. Mark and his team are dedicated and responsive to all our inquiries, and all of our phone calls were recorded for quality. Our new website was launched in a very short matter of time and we quickly saw incredible results.

Affordable Air Conditioning

" I Search By City set up and maintains our web site. Mark Tayne has been very instrumental in helping us attract new business. He spend numerous hours asking the right questions and implementing details on our web site that resulted in many inquiries and better yet, new customers. As a matter of fact, new customers have contracted with our company even when a lower priced bid has been submitted. We credit the web site as a contributing factor in obtaining client contracts because it conveys the specialties that our company offers to our clients. We have had numerous positive comments on our web site.

Tom Breese,
Laguna Asphalt Paving Co.

" Before we joined iSearch By City my business could not be found on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. However, within a very short time my company was ranking on the first page of search results for Orange County, San Bernadino, and Riverside thanks to the work of Mark and his team. The results have been spectacular - as I write this testimonial we are totally booked. I am confident that our increase in business is due to the new website that was custom designed for us. The call number that directs from our site is constantly lit up!

I used to spend more money on other forms of advertising such as internet yellow pages but iSearch By City outperforms them all hands down. There is simply no comparison in terms of attentive service and remarkable results. I highly recommend iSearch By City to any business looking to establish their web presence.

Enkay Engineering

" Our office has been working with Mark Tayne at i search by city since October 2010 for the development and SEO of a website for our dental office. Mark has been very nice and helpful and very easy to work with. He has exceeded all our expectations and in no time at all our website appears in a lot of the google searches on the first page. Mr Tayne is very professional and personnable and most important of all he is a very honest person.

Tarsa Hatefi DDS,
Forest Family Dental

" iSearch By City has changed our company. Business is coming in without me doing any sales on the phone. It is fun to see the business grow, again. We're getting business that I would have never reached before. I looked at the numbers and it's incredible to see. It makes you feel good about your business and the future.

Dennis Savard,
Black Tie Limousine

" Thank you so much Mark. The video that was created of our business was perfect. As with anything to do with increasing your online presence using unique content is the key to your success. It's one thing to spend your money on something that is shown on everyone else's website but it's another thing to have something that no one else has. That is the secret to anyone's success in real life and most importantly on the internet. Our video was shot in one day and was ready for its place online in 1 week. The videographer that was used was professional and new exactly what was needed once the ideas where shared with him. He knew what to focus on and quickly developed an idea that fit perfect for our business. I don't think I could of done this type of project on my own with the same quality that we ended up with in our video. I'm really glad that you talked me into doing this for our business and I look forward to the next video that we do for our business. Sincerely

Eric Shaw,
Everyday Flowers

" Working with ISBC has been a great experience. They (Mark and Rich) are always available if I have any questions. They always follow through with what they say they are going to do. Very intuitive to my needs for my industry. ISBC was recommended to me by a friend and I am happy to pass them on to any of my friends for services. I highly recommend.

J Waller, Vice President,
Barranca Insurance Services, Inc.

" I have known and trusted Mark since he had done our AT&T Yellow pages ad for many years. However, when he launced his new internet venture, I was skeptical of all Internet advertising schemes at the time because I could not accurately measure the effectiveness of the campaign. However, Mark offered to track all calls arising from the Internet ad campaign (with a special phone number) which allowed me to see whether or not the ads are working. Mark redid our Webpage to improve its searchibility, added the phone number and launched it in January. Six months later, we have proof that it really works. I can heartily endorse Mark and his company. They are professional, prices are fair, there are no hidden charges, and after a small delay in getting the website finished, he has delivered what he promised. When we expand to more locations, and add other repair lines to our company, we will use Mark again.

Ed Lee,


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